Monday, March 15, 2010


I cannot believe that I am even writing this.  I cannot believe that I am even contemplating the idea.  But I am.  Yes, I am.  I didn't think that the clog (it isn't even an elegant name!!), would ever again be considered the 'it' item of the fashion world.  But that just goes to show how the influence of one of the greatest fashion designers (EVER!), MR. KARL LAGERFELD, can change things around.  One thing must be made very clear though, I still hate the LOUIS VUITTON kind of clog thingy shoe.  I still think that it is plain ugly with all the fluffy bits flying around!!

It seems that some of the designers decided to follow the farm trend, and yes, we will follow!  Especially when my absolute favorite it-girl of the moment wears it on the cover of VOGUE!

If one of the stylish Olsen twins can carry it off...

Maybe it is the heels that are making it more acceptable?

The farm trend

Alexa Chung 

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