Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am layers trailer..

The coffee shop..

The Goldilocks and 3 bears trailer..

The Afro funk trailer..


I've just come back from a quick 3 day working trip in one of my all time favourite cities - Cape Town. I was there for work, and didn't have much time to spend doing and seeing the things I love, but, just to be there puts me in a good mood!

One of the things about Cape Town is that there are a LOT of creativity going on, and it is always something new, and original and usually fun. My colleague took me for an early breakfast yesterday, at one of the loveliest hotels in the city centre - The Grand Daddy. They have a coffee shop that opens early, and makes a good cup of coffee and breakfast. It was very nice, but eventually we had to get a move on, and start work. We were having a chat with a client and mentioned our breakfast at the hotel, and then he asked if we knew about the trailer park on the hotel roof??

It is just so brilliant; it is the old 50's style caravans/trailers (I think they have 5), and each have their own theme (the hotel rooms work on the same idea; they get different decorators to each do a theme room). But the one he told us about was just so fantastical that I have to give it a mention. It is the Goldilocks and the 3 bears trailer, and it is done up like Goldilocks' house would have been. Then they throw in a bear suit, and a Goldilocks outfit just for fun!!

There's also a John and Yoko trailer and an Afro-funk trailer. You have to love this idea! (more pictures on their site). A few shops down from the Grand Daddy hotel you can get a designer bunny chow - you can even get a sushi bunny chow! I can go on about Cape Town forever and a day! Cape Town - I love you!

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