Thursday, November 12, 2009


If I could, I would buy this label's whole collection. I love the look and feel of this, but most of all I love their attitude! They describe their work as 'a labour of love', 'a love affair with clothing, inspiration, design and creativity', and they do not mass produce (that could probably be the reason for it not being the cheapest label on the market!).

Now is probably as good a time as ever to admit - I am a bit addicted to GOSSIP GIRL. I love Blake Lively, and the rest of the cast are cool as well, but to me (and a whole lot of fashion lovers around the world), it is almost like watching Sex in the City; you can always look forward to some beautiful fashion moments! (And since Michael Kors openly admits to being hooked on GG - I'm not as worried, since I'm in good company!) Well, Haute Hippie features in GOSSIP GIRL every now and then. Other celebrities have started wearing it, but you know you are one cool label when Gwen Stefani starts wearing you! Go to Haute Hippie to see more of them.


  1. Hallo Elmien, jy is in die verkeerde besigheid, bedank onmiddelik en begin jou eie boetiek!

  2. Very very very nice! Love the colours!