Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

I am always being asked where I see the things I see and where I find all the cool sites that I tell people about. So, I decided to do this blog in order for me to just share this in the easiest possible way!

I AM a lover of beauty and originality. But it goes farther than that. I can remember that I loved reading magazines since I was little, it was mostly because of the images that took me out of my (small) world and into another magical world far away from the small town we lived in then. Even though I love my childhood, and (most!) of the memories, I also always felt that I didn't quite fit into the small town mould.

I studied History of Art at University - not because I love history, but because of the beauty in art. My love of art evolved into a love of all things beautiful and original.

This blog will have a whole lot of different elements in it; some of it will be things that inspire me, some will be things I wish I had, and some will be about experiences. I hope that I can inspire one or two people out there to see and experience the beauty with me...

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