Monday, January 4, 2010


On the subject of interiors... I have to make my dream house more beautiful this year, since I really just dragged all of my old furniture into my new home. Some of the pieces have stood the test of time, but some of them have somehow wormed their way into the new house, and they just shouldn't be there. Unfortunately I am not in a position to get an interior decorator and do everything at once (actually I am glad, because then it won't be our house anymore!!). But that means that we have to work according to a plan, and take one room at a time, and do the magic.

I decided that I would start with our bedroom, since I am one of those people who believe that it is the one place in your house where you have to find harmony and peace, and have to feel that you can get away from everything once you are in there..

I searched for some inspiration online, and actually just got more confused by all the beautiful images!!

I love the contrast of the white and red..

LOVE the unexpectedness of the red ceiling!

Interesting headboard. I was thinking of a headboard like this, just not as colorful and busy!(we currently have a HUGE sleighbed which takes up way too much space!)

Interesting dressing table..

Love the colors; don't think hubby will agree...

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