Sunday, January 10, 2010


This could possibly be THE sexiest man ever! I LOVE TOM FORD! Since I have been a VOGUE reader forever, I can remember his GUCCI campaigns, and the clothes he designed, very well. He became head creative designer at GUCCI in the early 90's. The company was in financial trouble, and they needed someone to get them back into the public eye, or close their doors. Lucky for them, they found TOM FORD, who knew a couple of things about selling and designing clothes! Tom knows that sex sells. Okay, thats nothing new. But to use it in a way that makes people notice without being offensive isn't always easy. I must admit that while I was looking for images of the man, I did come across some images that I thought I couldn't put on my blog! (not that they were pornographic; they're just a bit explicit!!!!)

While he was at GUCCI, I loved the label. He made some of the most unforgettable clothes of the 90's. Later he went to YSL, but I watched an interview with him (it was early 90's), and he knew from the very start of his career, that he didn't want to stay with one label forever. What I did find very interesting, was that he mentioned in the interview that he would maybe make movies later on in his career, and now, almost 20 years later he has done just that! (starring Julianne Moore no less!).

Unfortunately he is focusing on fragrance and eyewear and men's clothes at this stage, so no more sexy women's clothes for now!!

LOVED this add...

Look at these shoes! Even before all the designers jumped on the shoe wagon!

I'm not sure where or when these images was used, but I just thought they were very beautiful.

Who will ever forget the white dress?

I loved the handbag campaign with the babies.

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